• Develop your program;
  • Call for tenders (12 insurers);
  • Survey and make inquiries;
  • Semi-annual financial reports;
  • Write legal, taxation and financial communiqués;
  • Develop cost-sharing policies based on current tax issues;
  • Negociate contract agreements with the insurer;
  • Prepare the cost analysis;
  • Assist you in your program administration and settlement of contentious claims;
  • Review annually the program’s complete financial results;
  • Get involved in negociations with union agreements.


All services and expertise are provided exclusively by the consultant.

Such an operating structure ensures a solid and permanent client-consultant relationship and guarantees an ongoing and wholehearted motivation to provide you, the client, with timely services of first class quality.

As a matter of fact, we offer competent, knowledgeable, consulting expertise and services in the group insurance field which competes, both in quality and technology, with those offered by the very best firms active in our industry;

In today’s business world, we believe that a group insurance consultant must also be proficient in areas of law, taxation, finance and human resources so that his client may receive the appropriate advice in order to make the proper decision.

A consultant must also be an excellent negotiator to obtain the best financial conditions available for his client’s group insurance program.